Throwback Thursday To My Singing Days! #TBT


Now talk about a Throwback Thursday! Prepare yourself to laugh, to be shocked, and to wonder why in the world, I look like ‘Barbie and The Rockers’ in some of these pictures? ?However, these photos were recently sent to me by my friend Josepher who was also the former drummer of the band we were in together called ‘L.A. ‘Faultline.’ And I can not thank him enough for these. He said to me, “I wasn’t sure if you would want these photos because of the craziness back then.” I responded, “Of course I would want these! Yes there was “craziness,” but there always is when you’re in a band!” ? Nobody can ever understand the relationship of bandmates until you are actually in one. You become family and with that comes interesting dynamics. Anyhow, you can clearly see while I’m on stage it’s all about having fun. I LOVE it. And I MISS it dearly. When I’m on stage, I’m a totally different person. I’m everywhere, dancing, singing, talking to the audience. Eventually I got a cordless mic, because I could NOT be contained or restricted anymore by a microphone that had a cord! Hahahaha! Performing is truly the best and only high for me. Hope to do it again someday. ??? So if anyone out there needs a female vocalist for any projects then you know who to call. LOL!


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