Many thanks love, and appreciation to our Mommyhood to Hollywood Sponsors. Their support means the world to us.  Check out their banners and read about them below too! They’re truly Fab!  XOXO    


Mommyhood to Hollywood is ecstatic to welcome our newest sponsor to our online magazine!  This is THE website to go to when you want to get creative with your children. offers arts and craft projects for every season and their How To page is a fantastic resource on how to tackle those fun projects. They also offer a wide variety of great arts and craft products (Kid’s Crafts) with everything from paints and coloring, to kids’ jewelry and activity kits!  So get your kids away from the TV and open up a world full of creativity to them instead!    



Mommyhood to Hollywood thanks our sponsor the glammy and gorgeous mamami by Chet!  Welcome! Welcome!  Welcome!  mamami by Chet provides moms with the ultimate luxury baby bag.  The collection offers truly stylish, yet practical baby changing bags that won’t make you moms compromise on your fashionable ways.   Dump the frump when choosing a baby bag and show up in style by upgrading to a beautiful baby bag instead with mamami by Chet!  These bags are gorgeous and also provides high functionality.  



Mommyhood to Hollywood gives a BIG warm welcome and thank you to our wonderful sponsor Fran Meadows who is the author of the very personal and inspirational book, The Truth Behind The Secret “Infertility.”  Fran shares her first hand account of her struggle to start a family and how the journey made her realize that she wasn’t alone. Follow Fran’s inspirational story and how it eventually did lead her into motherhood.   Make sure to check out Fran’s blog too!    


Mommyhood to Hollywood sends out a huge THANK YOU and warm welcome to our sponsor A Thank You Favor !  They specialize in wedding and party favors and their mission is to make your special day or event the most beautifully memorable one it can be.  They do this by offering a unique selection of wedding favors, bridal shower favors, birthday party favors, anniversary favors, and much, much more.  They even offer USA favors and Worldwide favors!  They have everything from elegant, unique, whimsical or to just plain fun!  And for all you GREEN people out there, they even offer Eco-Friendly party favors, you can’t get anymore unique than that!  So keep A Thank You Favor in mind when planning your next special occasion.  

Mommyhood to Hollywood is excited to welcome our newest sponsor Maguire Media Group to our online magazine community! MMG is committed to ensuring that their clients receive a Clear, Creative, and Convincing branding strategy that is individually tailored and highly optimized for results.  With a combination of strategic brand management, marketing, and Public Relations, Maguire Media Group has a team that will enhance the reputation, visibility, and brand recognition of your business.  However, what we LOVE most about them is their momPReneur mania!  All of us mompreneurs know how crucial marketing and Public Relations can be to catapulting our message, but publicists can be so pricey!  Maguire Media Group has resolved this issue with a package created just for you entrepreneurial moms out there.  So make sure to contact them today!



Mommyhood to Hollywood is proud to have MOMables as one of our Sponsors and wants to give them a very warm welcome!  MOMables is focused on helping parents feed their children uncomplicated, yet healthy, good food!  It’s so easy for us parents to run out of ideas on what to feed our kids on a daily basis, well MOMables is here to save our day!  Their mission is to assist us parents in making lunch for our kids the fresh and easy way.  So how do they do this?  If you join MOMables then each Friday you’ll receive a new weekly menu plan and a shopping list.  You print it, shop, and prepare!  They will provide kid-tested recipes with photos of the homemade lunch showing you what the meal will look like.  The best part about it though is that there aren’t any crazy gadgets involved, just simple nutritious food that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and can often be prepared ahead of time to alleviate the morning school rush.