Bunny Tracks: Sharing A Special Easter Tradition And Making Memories! Written by: Elissa R. Lerma

One of the things that I love about being a parent is passing down your own family traditions. When my husband was a little boy he would wake up on Easter Sunday to find that the Easter Bunny had visited him and had left some bunny tracks behind as proof. My husband remembers loving this every year and now that we have our kids he recreates its for them.

It is really easy to recreate this in your own house. You can make it as simple as tracks from the front or back door to the baskets. Or like we did one year, make it more complicated and have the tracks start at the front door and zoom all over the house. We once made it look like Mr. Bunny had skateboarded through the living room and left through the doggie door!

All you need is:
– piece of paper
– pencil
– exacto knife
– flour

1. On a piece of paper draw out some bunny tracks.
2. Cut out the sections of the bunny track with an exacto knife
3. Lay your stencil on the floor (I recommend staying away from carpet unless you have a really good vacuum!)
4. Sprinkle flour over your stencil and careful lift you stencil.

The candy, eggs and toys will soon be forgotten, but the memory of the Easter Bunny leaving tracks all over the house will stay with your kids forever.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

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