Advertising and PR, a.k.a. (Michelle Rivera) accepts various forms of advertising such as sidebar ads, banner ads, sponsored tweets, sponsored posts conference sponsorships, and appearances/speaking engagements.  You can also hire Michelle as a freelance reporter to cover red carpet events.  Further details below.
Ads accepts ads in the following areas of the website:
On the Mommyhood to Hollywood homepage, the ‘Mommy’s Hood’ page.  Click Advertise Here to purchase your advertisement. Ad sizes can also be tailored to the advertisers needs. Please contact for rates on customized ad sizes.
Sponsored Tweets (Twitter)
Michelle has over 22,000 Twitter Followers and her following is rapidly growing.  If you would like to guarantee that Michelle tweets about your product or service, you may sponsor a tweet or tweets.  This is a very affordable way of advertising and reaches a big audience.
Please note that Sponsored Tweets will be clearly marked by an “(sp).”  Also, in order for Michelle to accept a sponsored tweet on behalf of (@MichelleRivera5) the subject has to be one of interest to Michelle and appropriate to  Integrity and honesty will always be upheld.
Please contact for rates.
Sponsored Posts
Sponsored Posts follow the same guidelines as Sponsored Tweets.  They will be clearly marked as sponsored posts and anything within the post that was not written by Michelle will also be clearly marked.  Michelle will allow the sponsor to look at the post before publishing it in order to ensure accuracy beforehand.  All Sponsored Posts will be published in the Blog Section of Michelle’s site which is hosted by WordPress.  Michelle’s WordPress blog has had over 70,000 views and is rapidly growing.
Please contact for rates.
Sponsorships/Speaking Engagements
If you would like to sponsor a.k.a. Michelle Rivera for one of your conferences these sponsorships can be tailored to your needs. Sponsorships can be tailored to include campaigns for the sponsored events that bundle in sponsored posts, tweets, and ads.  Michelle is happy to do speaking engagements as well.
Please contact for more information.
Michelle is happy to attend events, parties, and retreats showcasing services, products, and brands, as long as she has an interest in it and her schedule permits.
For out-of-town events commonly-covered travel expenses will apply and are as follows: transportation to and from airport, airfare, hotel expenses, childcare, and food.  Michelle can not incur any significant out-of-pocket costs in order to make appearances.
Please send invitations to  
Red Carpet Reporting
If you would like to hire Michelle to report at a red carpet event for your organization/outlet please contact for freelance rates.

Television Appearances
If you would like to book Michelle for a television appearance please contact

Michelle does not review all of the products sent to her, therefore sending a product does not guarantee a review or mention. If Michelle chooses to review a product, the review will reflect Michelle’s honest opinion, favorable or unfavorable. Michelle has absolutely no interest in putting down or embarrassing a company, product, or brand. Therefore, if there is something negative about it, Michelle will contact the company to give them a chance to either (a) fix the the problem with the product before she posts a negative review or (b) opt out of the review all together. Michelle does not return items that have been sent to her for a review. If you would like to send Michelle a product for review please contact her at
If you would like Michelle to give away an item, please email her at to work out the details, including administrative fees. Giveaway items must be worth $50.00 or more, unless paired with other items.  Please DO NOT send the giveaway items to Michelle.  Michelle will contact you with the winner’s information and you will be responsible for sending the item to the winner.
Michelle’s Interest
The following list are topics, products, and services that Michelle likes and/or enjoys writing about.  Michelle’s interests are not limited to this list below.
Celebrity/Pop Culture
Celebrity Moms/Babies
Cool Mom Gear
Online Shopping
Baby/Kid Products
Baby/Kid Fashion
Children’s Safety
Social Media
Theme Parks
Family Entertainment
Weight Loss
Cosmetics/Beauty Products
Photo and Video Cameras
Michelle generally does not write about the following:
Cooking and Baking
The absolute best way to communicate with Michelle is through an email at  Please do not DM Michelle on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram in regards to Ads or PR.  Michelle does her best to answer all emails although it may take some time due to sheer volume.

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