Bravo TV’s ‘Platinum Hit’: The Nick Nittoli That I Know…

When I met Nick Nittoli he was about 7 or 8 years old. I was a kid myself, only a teenager, so I really can’t even recall the exact year it was. His mom was dating my older brother at the time and they brought over Nick and his older brother to meet our family. Eventually, his mom and my older brother got married and so they all became a part of our family. Then Nick’s little sister, my niece (and she’s my Goddaughter too) was born.

Nick was always a sweet, rambunctious, mischievous, hilarious, and charismatic kid. He always made us laugh and even though his sense of humor could verge on the side of inappropriate at times, it didn’t matter to us. You had to love him because when it really came down to it Nick always had a good heart and he definitely had a sensitive side to him as well.

Yet even with all this, Nick did have the tendency to get into a lot of trouble as a kid too. I used to kind of feel bad for him when he was little though because I didn’t want him to be pegged as just that, “A trouble-maker.”
Now when I think about all the challenges Nick has faced in his life, I truly believe his music has been a saving grace for him in many ways.

Nick Nittoli picked up his first guitar when he was a little boy and he idolized Michael Jackson as a child too, “Off the Wall” was the first album he owned. Nick is basically the Rock Band version of Michael Jackson. It was very obvious from early on that he had a natural passion and born talent for music.

I recall once singing in my room, I was rehearsing a musical theatre song and Nick was playing with my little brother (who is only a year older than him), right outside my door. Nick stopped playing with him, came into my room, and then told me something along the lines of how I had such a pretty voice and he said I sounded like The Little Mermaid. As an adult now, Nick may not like me sharing this story, perhaps he would think it shows too soft of a side of him that doesn’t exactly match the image of him we all see now (but he was just a little boy during this time).

However, this has always been a sweet memory I have kept of Nick, even if he doesn’t remember it himself because he was so young. The point of me sharing this story though, is to demonstrate the sincere appreciation Nick had for my voice on the musicality level, much like a songwriter or producer would. Bottom line is that even as a child Nick always had a love for music.

Unfortunately, Nick’s mom and my brother divorced after about 5 years of marriage. Nick was on the cusp of his teen years. I was living in Las Vegas at the time where I was contracted to sing and before I knew it years went by before I ever saw Nick again.

I know Nick faced a lot of personal demons during those years and that he went through a lot of challenging and difficult times. However, I’m not here to speak on his behalf about that, only he can tell his own story. I’m sure a lot of it will come out as part of his back story on the show and if it does it will be one of the most compelling ones you will hear. I can only continue to share the story about the Nick Nittoli that I know.

My parents and I would often ask my brother if he knew how Nick and his older brother were doing. My family and I still cared about them, obviously they had become part of our family. Of course we saw my niece all the time, but we only saw the boys once in a while.

About 4 years ago we got great news from my older brother. He was going to be bringing my niece, along with Nick and their oldest brother over for Thanksgiving dinner. We hadn’t spent a holiday together with them in years so it was a lot of fun. That day Nick brought over a demo he had made, so after dinner we sat in my car with my husband and listened to it. My husband and I were completely blown away. I told Nick that his song sounded ready for mainstream radio play! I truly meant it too, the song screamed Top 40 Platinum Hit! I told Nick he had to stick to doing his music, I just knew that it would be crazy if his talent wasn’t eventually discovered.

About a year ago Nick was working as a telemarketer, but was continuing on with his songwriting. His mom put together a music showcase for him and invited us all to attend. He was phenomenal . His songs were catchy, they all had a fierce hook to them. His stage presence was natural, like he had been performing on stage his whole life, and basically that night it was apparent that Nick was a shining star that the rest of the world just didn’t know about yet……But soon would.

Not long after, Nick auditioned for ‘Platinum Hit,’ and he almost missed the audition too. He had been out partying the night before until 5:30am and he only slept for two-in-a-half hours before getting into his car at 8:15am to make the audition. Nick got a call back, so obviously, the producers could see what we already all knew about Nick, he is a stand out talent. In addition to this though, he’s made for television. He’s good looking and controversial, a perfect mix for a reality TV competition. Let’s just say Nick’s in it to win it.

If you couldn’t tell already from the promos on Bravo, Nick has obviously brought in a certain amount of cockiness into the ‘Platinum Hit’ competition. Nick was even quoted on the show as saying, ” At the end of this competition no one should like me cause I’m gonna be #1.” In the Hollywood Reporter one of Nick’s cast-mate’s was also quoted too saying, “Nick can definitely be a douche, but at the same time, I really enjoyed that song.” So basically, I think Nick’s cast-mate’s quote says a lot there because Nick may come off in this competition as a cocky fighter ready to take all and win all, but he obviously has the goods to back it all up.

However, don’t think that by the promos and season premiere that you have Nick Nittoli all figured out. He’s not just some transparent, 23 year old, Alternative Rock/Pop Artist who is the bad boy of the group smashing his guitar. He’s not that predictable. I mean this is the guy who agreed to play his guitar and sing for his little sister’s 13th birthday party last year, simply because that’s what she wanted from him on her special day. This wasn’t a typical gig for Nick, but like I said he does have a sensitive side to him and his family does mean a lot to him too.

Nick Nittoli has a lot of depth to him. He has had his obstacles in life, like we all do, but this has only made him a better storyteller and basically a stronger songwriter and competitor. Nick is a true artist, never a sell-out, what you see is what you get.

Nick Nittoli in July of 2010 performing at his little sister's 13th birthday party.

Nick Nittoli in July of 2010 performing at his little sister's 13th birthday party.

My daughter was Nick's littlest fan at her cousin's birthday party.

My daughter was Nick's littlest fan at her cousin's birthday party.

Even with the divorce the family still comes together for special occasions: Starting from the upper right going left: Nick's mom Andrea, then his older brother Tom, then Nick, and his step-dad (my bro) Anthony. In the center the youngest sibling, his sister Alaina.

Even with the divorce the family still comes together for special occasions: Starting from the upper right going left: Nick's mom Andrea, then his older brother Tom, then Nick, and his step-dad (my bro) Anthony. In the center the youngest sibling, his sister Alaina.

Nick's grandparents (Alfred Nittoli and the late Jet Loring) in the center singing.  Music is in Nick's bloodline.

Nick's grandparents (Alfred Nittoli and the late Jet Loring) in the center singing. Music is in Nick's bloodline.

Nick on the left, with his sister in the center, and his older brother on the right.

Nick on the left, with his sister in the center, and his older brother on the right.

Nick Nittoli's First Band: 'Batteries Not Included.'

Nick Nittoli's First Band: 'Batteries Not Included.'

Nick at 13 years old playing his guitar.

Nick at 13 years old playing his guitar.

Nick hanging out with his little sister.

Nick hanging out with his little sister.

Nick at the bottom of pic looking up at his 'Platinum Hit' billboard.

Nick at the bottom of pic looking up at his 'Platinum Hit' billboard.

'Platinum Hit' Promo Picture.

'Platinum Hit' Promo Picture.

Nick Nitolli: A 'Platinum Hit' Maker Is Born.

Nick Nitolli: A 'Platinum Hit' Maker Is Born.

Nick Nittoli on his winning song: ‘My City’

You can follow Nick on Twitter @nicknittoli .

Special Thanks to The Nittoli Family.
Photos Courtesy of Andrea Nittoli.

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77 Responses to Bravo TV’s ‘Platinum Hit’: The Nick Nittoli That I Know…

  1. That was a beautiful article Michelle. We will always consider you and your parents family. You all always made me and my boys feel welcome.
    All the best,

  2. Lori N says:

    That was a great write up on Nick! You filled in the spaces of his life when I lost touch with him…I especially love the photos you posted of Nicky when he was younger…
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Raquel Masco says:

    This is a great article with a really sweet sentiment. It’s so important to have the support of family.

  4. Lisa says:

    What a fantastic blog – Due to editing, we only get to see what the producers want us to see with these shows. It’s nice to hear about the real people behind the “characters”. So great to see all the pictures too. What a fine looking family :)

    I only caught a little bit of the premiere ep last night (but I checked for a later broadcast and DVR’d it). I missed Nick’s group’s song, but saw the results LOL.

    Can’t wait to see it. I hope Nick goes far!

    • Thanks for leaving a message on my relaunched blog. I hope you will subscribe! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article, I have a feeling Nick made it far in the competition, although I don’t actually know of course.

  5. John Michael says:

    Thank you Michelle. You have rekindled wonderful memories. Nick’s musical heritage goes back to grandparents Al Nit and the Nitrons. (Al and Jet). I remember their shows at the Cottage Inn in Lodi, N.J. and ‘down the shore’ in Wildwood and later stints in Vegas.
    Nick has what it takes to be successful. We wish him the best of luck as he navigates his path in a very competitive business.

    • John, thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment on the blog. I think it’s incredible that you used to watch Nick’s grandparents perform on stage. It is definitely in Nick’s blood and I’m sure he will do great in the entertainment business.

  6. NK says:

    I think Nick has some serious issues. He may be 23, and he may have faced his ‘obstacles in life’, but he comes across as arrogant, surly, and the kind of person that people don’t want to do things for because of his bad attitude. Additionally, his comment about Sonyae being a “ghetto bitch from the hood” speaks to ALL sorts of underlying self-hate and self-identification issues. I’ll be nice and leave it at that. I wish him well with his demons– he certainly will need to sort them out and grow up.

    • Thanks for your comment on the blog Douglass.

    • lame says:

      I agree. Who taught this egomaniac that he can put other down to paint himself to be so incredibly special. Dude, you are a tool…. and your arrogance is ugly. If you had an ounce of humility….it would carry you so far.

      Compare yourself to Michael Jackson? Are you kidding me??? You are 23 and have done NOTHING with your career. You really need to take a look in the mirror dude.

      • Thanks for the comment again. I’d like to remind you that Nick is in a competition and in competitions like these people play mind games to psyche other people out. He’s in it to win it, like I wrote in the blog. Also you’re right Nick is only 23 and with that comes a lot of time to still grow up. With that said, I wouldn’t say he’s done nothing with his career as he is only 23 and has already made it into a national competition where he is having the opportunity to work with the best in the industry. He also won the first 2 challenges. Nick is not perfect, but nobody is. Calling someone a “tool” is ugly too, you should practice what you are preaching right now.

    • Xswis says:

      Personally i think nick is a talented dude..he does say akward things at times but one thing is for sure most of the stuff he says in front of the camera is true. and one thing is for sure he is by far one of the easiest person to work with on the show although he masks it with his attitude…

  7. Tom Nittoli says:

    Great article and great photos. Thanks for all the support for my brother!

  8. Good article over again! Thank you)

  9. Illa Barmore says:

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  10. Evelyn Brigett says:

    Beautiful article… great memories. I still have those headshots of nick and a burned copy of 3 songs from back when he recorded with his first band.. hope he goes far!

  11. lame says:

    There is a difference between being talented and confident and being a total narcissistic tool like this guy. It is so unflattering to listen to fools with over-inflated egos.

  12. Mali says:

    I just want to commend you on the way you’re acting towards people who are angry at Nick. You’re a great example of how a person should support their loved ones and not be obnoxious to do it. Granted, Nick deserves some back lash for the way he’s acting. I myself was ready and willing to hate him and pray he falls every step of the way. After the second episode though, he kind of have the right to be confident. He IS a good writer and he thinks outside of the box. He’s a great asset to the show. As long as he isn’t too unfriendly in real life, he should be fine and I hope he goes far. No matter who it is you dislike or disagree with, in any business, you don’t want to burn bridges and make enemies. Lets hope he keeps walking the walking so he has the right to talk the talk.

    • Hi Mali, thanks for your feedback. I agree with your points, they are well said. I think the common thread so far in the show, is that even though the other songwriters are put off by Nick’s cocky behavior, they all agree that Nick is easy going and even great to work with in the competitions when they have to team up. Like I had stated, Nick is not perfect, but a lot of it is his competitive streak, and the fact that it is a “show” and so Nick is putting one on in a way with his behavior. It makes for better reality TV. Thanks again! :)

  13. celina says:

    WOW is all I’ve got to say! Just watched the second eppisode of Platinum Hit and I was impressed with Nick… not all positive but like you have said it is a “Show”. I have to admit when Nick made that statement about about not liking anyone there I laughed to myself b/c my sisters were looking at me “you know this guy how?”. My answer to them he has a good heart, he just really wants it! You know what? All these years watching the PUCKS and SANTINO’s of Reality Telivision has shown me, being NICE doesn’t get you noticed and when it comes down to it we ALL DO LOVE the characters we say we can’t Stand. I have Platinum Hit as one of my DVR’D shows GOOD LUCK NICK!

    • Lisa says:

      I think a lot has to do with the way the producers edit Nick as well. Every show has a bad guy and on this it’s Nick. He’s proving himself though so he’s of the mindset you put up or shut up…. he’s backing up what he says. Good luck again to him :)

      Celina I will admit to HATING Santino on Project Runway, but loving him on his show with Austin Scarlet.

      I had the opportunity to meet him recently and he was a total sweetheart.

      • Hi Lisa. Yes Nick is a sweetheart when you know him in real life. People don’t understand reality show personas. People may love or hate Nick on the show, but the point is he has made himself memorable.

    • Not only does Nick really want it, I’m sure he feels he needs it in a lot of ways. Nick hasn’t had the easiest life, and he went into this competition with one thing on his mind and that is to win. Everyone plays into a part on these shows and that is what producers want for Reality TV. If there wasn’t a “bad guy” it would be boring.

    • Not only does Nick really want it, I’m sure he feels he needs it in a lot of ways. Nick hasn’t had the easiest life, and he went into this competition with one thing on his mind and that is to win. Everyone plays into a part on these shows and that is what producers want for Reality TV. If there wasn’t a “bad guy” it would be boring.

  14. Amaya Bonaparte says:

    Hi im nicks lil sister on his dads side and I love this blog but ppl if you have somthing bad to say about him hit me up and ill set you straight because I love him and if you think hes rude or obnoxious your wrong because you dont know him like I do and im glad he has gotten to shine. Soon youll see all of me him and my other brothers so be nice with comments love all . Tootled XD . !

  15. SkaryMoviez says:

    While I appreciate you painting Nick’s background for us to read, his attitude stinks on the show. Regardless if he’s trying to psych people out or not, his actions are only showing the industry insiders how difficult and juvenile he is. It won’t get him far in the industry. Comparing himself to Michael Jackson is quite comical. Michael had a career at the age of 10. Nick is 23 and just starting out on a reality show. Michael already had him beat, so Nick will NEVER be a Michael Jackson, nor will he have the success that Michael had. His hissy fit for not winning the 2nd challenge showed his TRUE colors and that’s not the Nick that you make him out to be in your story. I just hope that he changes his tune (no pun intended) in future episodes. Otherwise he’ll be forgotten in a few months after he gets kicked off the show.

  16. Stasia says:

    When I first saw the promo for platinum hit I was so excited for the show, and once I saw the first episode I went completely gaga over Nick (and what looks like 2 different eye colors?). Hahaa, I’m just going into 7th grade, and my friends will say something like “He’s so obnoxious” over a text and I just send them the link to this blog and they are pleasantly surprised. Anyways, this blog made my week (:

    • Hi Stasia, you are so sweet, thank you for sending your friends here. Nick is a good guy, but a fierce competitor. However, notice how all the songwriters say he is so great to write with and to be on a songwriting team with. I believe that’s when his true colors come out. I’m so happy the blog made your week. :)

      • Stasia says:

        Yeah, I noticed how there was a chain of different contestants saying that he was really great to work with. That’s pretty cool. Thanks again!
        ~~ <3 ~~

  17. Erica says:

    This is a great blog!!! I googled Nick because I wanted to know more about his musical history and what bands he may have been in because he mentioned he was on Warped Tour before & that’s how I came across the blog.

    I think I’m Nick’s biggest fan (aside obviously from his family and friends lol), he’s my absolute favorite on the show and if he is not there at the very end with the record & publishing deals I will be SHOCKED! He’s incredible. And cute… yes.. I had to say it. :)

    People with negative things to say about Nick’s ‘attitude’ must not know what it is to have a winning mentality. :)


  18. Brittany says:

    I love Nick! His arrogance, I personally think is attractive! Yes there will be a lot of people that are going to hate him but who cares! I hope he wins!! If he didn’t have his self assurance then every time he got shot down he would give up on his dream! Its better to be confident and show your tallent rather than have an awesome tallent and no one ever knows because you don’t believe in yourself! I do think that sometimes he can be an ass but there are also moments that you see him and he seems like a nice guy. On reality tv someone has to take on the role as the villian and I think that maybe his role… But everyone is entitled to their opinion, you can hate him, but I would love to meet him and tap into this amazing mind. I’m a strong willed person like he is so I would be able to hold my own against
    Thanks for the article Michelle, I think it helps get a better look at Nick from someone who knows him! As for all the Haters…. f**k them! Nick rocks!!

    • Lol! Thanks Brittany for your passionate support of Nick and yes he does rock! In reality TV people do play certain roles. It’s not that things are fake, it’s just that people somewhat play into a part, especially in a competition where your mentality has a lot to do with strategy. Thank you for your comment on the blog.

  19. Greg says:

    Great info on Nick. The haters on this blog could not be more wrong about Nick. My wife and I began watching this show because we liked Kara from AI. After the first four episodes, its clear Nick is the runaway star of the show (Kara and Jewel included). If the show screws up an eliminates him, I’ll stop watching. He comes off as cocky and at times difficult to work with, but the more screen time he gets its seems to me that its because he’s very talented and can tell when other people aren’t and its genuinely frustrating to him. Scotty nailed it week four, when he said Nick tries to come off as a jerk, but he’s actually a nice guy. I googled him because everytime he writes something he makes the song better and everytime he performs he steals the stage with his contribution. I don’t know what his personal demons are, but I do hope for selfish reasons that he conquers them because I’d like to hear a lot more of what he has to offer. Even if he doesn’t win the competition he’ll have a future on TV with his bold personality and clear talent. Comparisons to other TV bad guys are misplaced. Watch episode 3 and see Nick’s genuine tears and heartfelt advice when Karen was eliminated and its clear that he’s not an jerk, he’s just not afraid to tell people what he thinks and he’s 23 which means sometimes he’s wrong about things. Could he be more tactful or polite, yes, would that make him less charming, absolutely. I hope he never changes, but more importanly, I hope he’s in a place personally to handle the fame and the pressure that comes with it, because I have no doubt both will come very soon for him.

    • Thank you Greg. I think Scotty was right on with what he said about Nick too. Nick really is a nice guy. At this point I think Nick is in a much more better place than where he was a couple of years ago. However, like all of us he is a work in progress. I appreciate your support of Nick and I’m sure he would appreciate it too.

  20. Kimberly says:

    Nick is such a talented person. He tries to come off as a bad boy, but he’s really not. When I first seen the show, I was like Nick’s going to win and I still stand by that. Nick is a good-looking guy to. But, his talent is extremely amazing.

  21. Favour says:

    luv ya nick and loved the blog michelle. nick hit me up at or and we can talk I would really love to meet and talk with him he seems like a good guy and sweet and sensitive to.Keep going nick love ya and hope you win.

  22. Stasia says:

    Hi Michelle!!

    It’s me, Stasia …. again(;

    A few days ago my best friend and I worked insanely hard on a music video to Nick’s song “Stuck In My Head” and we even printed out a picture of him onto multiple pictures to …. well make a big picture! Although we got in trouble for using all color ink in the printer, it was worth it! It would mean the world if you would take a look at the video (it’s not on Youtube, we aren’t allowed to post videos on Youtube) and tell us what you think!

    We totally understand if you don’t have time, but if you happen to have a few minutes please let me know and I will comment the link!

    Thanks bunches!!<3

  23. Fan! says:

    I don’t think there is anything malicious or unreal about the things he says. There is a definite trend in early 20-somethings being a little more crass, but he seems consistent in his behavior with everyone, even with himself. He definitely called himself a dbag, so it’s not like he is unaware of his attitude. Besides, it is not like Jackie didn’t take long to explain something. That is not to say that it is a bad thing, just that she is an extrovert, who probably thinks by speaking out loud. I can see that being a problem when someone genuinely listens to everything someone is saying to them, because it’s essentially wasting their time if what is being said is mostly someone working something out aloud. It was kind of impressive that he was able to rein in the patience to deal with that. He probably needs to work on his social skills, but it seems like he can put it aside when he needs to.

    In any case, I think his songs are catchy and fun! I hope he wins! He may not win all the hook challenges, but he always seems to contribute to his team. From the preview it looks like it doesn’t end well for him next week. I hope it all works out for him! I’ll be looking out for him either way!

  24. Schroeder says:

    I like this show but what stops me from loving it is Nick. His horrible attitude and the way he projects himself is negative. At every chance he gets he has mo problem acting like a giant BUTT. I keep hoping each week he is sent packing but yet he stays. For his talents ??? No. For his ability to be the shows punk to help draw ratings. Yes. Nick grow up show some respect.


  25. Ace says:

    Michelle – This was such a great blog. I’m just some Platinum Hit fan from California and Nick is my favorite on the show. People I talk to about the show ask me how I could like him because he seems like such an asshole, but I don’t think so. I think, like you said, he has a what you see is what you get persona and he knows what he wants and it seems like he didn’t change his attitude just for the TV. It’s funny that I can tell that from nothing, because I don’t know him personally at all. Anyways, good luck to Nick on the show and I hope he wins it, of course! And thank you for the great read.
    xo, Ace

  26. dmc says:

    Your article is clearly one-sided; he’s family and you love him. To the rest of us random viewers–editing on the show only goes so far. Nick comes off like a real a whiny crybaby who doesn’t have the goods….making himself feel better at the expense of the other contestants. I don’t see in him what you do…then again, I’m not related…so.

    • DMC thanks for your message on the blog. You don’t see Nick the way I do because you don’t personally know him. You see the Nick that he portrays on the show and so I fully understand what you are saying and where you are coming from. Thanks again!

  27. Ross Durham says:

    Thanks for this great insight. It is definitely nice to get to know people on a historical level rather than the level reality tv tends to portray! Thanks for a great read and also checking out my blog. :)

  28. K.D. says:

    I just wrote about how amazing Nick is on my blog today. He’s really talented (and awesome), and I want him to have a CD. AND, I want to have owned it yesterday. Adorable pictures…

  29. Amanda T says:

    I think this was a great article! I actually happened to love Nick on the show! He was my favorite, and I have actually stopped watching it since he was eliminated. In my eyes, he was hands down, the best song writer.

  30. Schroeder says:

    Uggh I am behind on the show and still can’t believe he is on there. He should rely on his talent instead of playing mind games. He has ruined my enjoyment of the show. I mute his parts as much as possible. Grow up Nick.

  31. Schroeder says:

    Ha ! Booted!


    PS – ha !

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